Research Exercise 3.2

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Born 1948 in Tokyo Japan Hiroshi Sugimoto described his work as an expression of time exposed or a time capsule for events in time. His first work was of dioramas in the American Museum of Natural History in 1976 and later in 1982, 1994 and 2012. My interests lie in his later photograph series named ‘Seascapes’ in 1980 where Sugimoto photographed seas all over the world. The photographs are all exactly the same size and bifurcated exactly in half by the horizon, exposure times were up to 3 hours taken on an old large format camera.
Sugimoto suggests the series is a meditation on time examined through repetition and constancy. He also goes on to ask himself the question “Where can somebody today view a scene just as primitive man might have?”, the answer being the ocean over and over.

North Atlantic, Cape Breton 1996

The repetition of the air and sea bring into question mans possible myth of creation from sea and air in the presence of light or even a Deity. The most important question Sugimoto asks himself is are we seeing the ocean with the same vantage point ancient humans once did where ocean monsters once thrived and lived?

Illustraton Sugimoto, H 1996 North Atlantic, Cape Breton [Accessed 09/11/17]


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