Exercise 4.2

In manual mode take a sequence of shots of a subject of your choosing at different times on a single day. It doesn’t matter if the day is overcast or clear but you need a good spread of times from early morning to dusk. You might decide to fix your viewpoint or you might prefer to ‘work into’ your subject, but the important thing is to observe the light, not just photograph it. Add the sequence to your learning log together with a timestamp from the time/date info in the metadata. In your own words, briefly describe the quality of light in each image.

Taking these shots throughout the day I tried to get an idea of how natural light works from behind me and directly in front hence the two sets of photos. Even though the day was completely overcast I was surprised when looking back through the images how much the light actually changed, not just from dark to light and back to dark again but the blue tone from the start of the day slowly warming up to mid day before cooling of again. The camera was set to a constant f1.8 with a prime 50mm lens, the only adjustment I had to make were to the ISO and shutter speed.