Exercise 3.2


Start by doing your own research into some of the artists discussed above.

Then, using slow shutter speeds, the multiple exposure function, or another technique inspired by the examples above, try to record the trace of movement within the frame. You can be as experimental as you like. Add a selection of shots together with relevant shooting data and a description of your process (how you captured the shots) to your learning log.

Both these images were taken early evening allowing me to use a long exposure without the need of a filter, no tripod available so a handy bollard was nearby. Camera set to ISO 200, 0.4sec @ f16, 50mm primary lens.

These photos were taken using a D5600, 18-200mm lens and tripod. Again I selected to take the photos during early evening so no filter needed, Camera set to ISO 400, 0.6sec @ f8, FL 29mm