Research Point: Reviews by Campany and Colberg on Thomas Ruff’s book ‘jpegs’

Research Point 1

Born 1958 in Zell am Hamersbach, Germany Thomas Ruff was classed as one of the most important international photographers. He finished his ‘jpegs’ series in 2007 where he enlarged photos he obtained from the internet to such a gigantic scale the pixels themselves became the geometric art form. None of the photos he used were his own but hand picked from various internet images.

Thomas Ruff jpegs

Thomas Ruff ‘jpeg’ nt01 2004

Two images below the same type of technique as Thomas Ruff, first is of my granddaughter and the second is of the steel works I am currently employed at. I used the suggested approach by reducing the size and saving at zero quality. The photos have an array of colours which I thought help emphasise the pixel enlargement.

Ruff 1 test image

Ruff 2 test image


ASX Thomas Ruff: Aesthetic of the Pixel Online at


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